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Beth, I’ll post the same thing like I did on your facebook page. The website and blog is awesome, you did a great job!!!!!! Keep up the great work. And tell the kidders that we said hi! 🙂

Barbara Plasse

Hey Beth,
Love the new page, it is fantastic. I have posted a comment on your fan page and updated my facebook status to let everyone know you are the best and to check out your new web site. I have also joined the new fan page.

Chris Plasse

Updated my status to let you know I love the new site, and told everyone to check it out. Joined the new fan page as well.

Kelly Herlihy

Great Site….I just added your new page in FB.

Kelly St. Onge

The new site is beautiful!! I posted a link for it on my facebook page and I joined your fan page. Looking forward to another session in 2010!!!

LOVE the new blog!!! Looks awesome!


Hey Beth!
The new blog and site look GREAT! You do excellent work. I just posted the link on my facebook to get some more people checking out the wonderful world of Beth Benoit Photography, and I joined your fan page as well. Hope all is well!

Beth, The new site and blog look a m a z i n g!!! Seriously, looks AWESOME. I am very excited to see you work in the upcoming year. This little baby picture is absolutely adorable!!!! Pick me. Pick me….I have been a fan on the old and am now a fan on the new! Wahoo! Great Job 🙂

Wahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Your site looks FABULOUS!!!! So fun!! Keep up the GREAT work!!!! =)

Kathy D

Of course I would post a link on FB the site is SOOOOO GREAT! Keep up the great work!

D.J. Butler

Well it certainly does not dissapoint. You have a great gift of a creative eye, everything that I have seen of your work is exceptional and very professional. Not only will I post on my FB and whatever else I can plaster your name on, I will shout from my roof top. My friends are very interested in your work and will be booking in the spring. KUDOS!!!

Erin Chenette

As I mentioned I love the new site! I posted it on your facebook page! And sent it around to a few others 🙂

Hi Beth! All of your hard work has definately paid off. Your new site is AMAZING! I don’t have a FB page, but your link will be on Jason’s page.

Courtney & Jason Langlois

Hi Beth! Your hard work has definately paid off. Your new site is AMAZING!! I don’t have a FB page, but your link will be on Jason’s page and we have become your FB fans. Great job Beth!


OMG……you know I love it!!! You did a fabulous job again… looking through all the pics!

Steph Pye

Hey Beth! BEAUTIFUL!! I did check out the video link for newborn sessions! What a great feature! Tugged on my heart strings! I have a few friends who are expecting!! I am SO passing this along!

Catherine Hebert

Great new site! I love all the pics! I love the pictues with the bright colors. You do an amazing job!


Love your talent! So happy my family is part of this gorgeous website!! Best of luck in 2010!


Hope the GC I just bought for the twins makes the video blog too!

Hi Beth. The new website and blogspot are great. I can’t wait to see more pictures and to have Emani’s photo’s done to. Your talent is amazing girl!!!!!! Also, i love the pics of Brody!

Oh yeah, i became a fan on Facebook. lol!


Hey Beth i am loving the new site!! You are amazing at what you do!!!


Great job on the new site. I really love it. It showcases your awesome talent.Congratulations and keep up the great work. You can tell you love what you do!


The new site is gorgeous! Became a fan on Facebook…


Oh, I also posted a link on my FB page too. By the way, we told Avery she’s famous now that she’s on the internet! Hope it doesn’t go to her head…


i am tweeting about it (@tencentwings) because i am already your fan on facebook, silly! 🙂

Heidi Davis

Beth, your website looks fantastic and as usual, your photos are amazing. I posted a link on my facebook page. Hope you have a successful 2010! ~Heidi

Stacy Shinkiewicz

Beth, looks like lots of hard work, but your new website looks great and I really enjoyed looking through all the pics-they’re beautiful!! I also “became a fan” on facebook 🙂 Happy 2010 to you and your family!

Stephanie Bates

Hey Beth, the new site looks fabulous! I love it! I posted you on my fb status and joined your new fan page. I love your business ideas, we need to talk soon!!

Adam Bumpus

Fantastic job Beth. Sleek, stylish, contemporary and clean. (Did I hit all of the “power” words?) I love it and admire your level of dedication to your work. Cheers. . . to 2010!

angela stringer looks great! I don’t know how you do all that you do…please let me in on the secret:)

Barbara Plasse

I just picked up my newborn pics, OMG they are fabulous!!! I wanted to let you know how wonderful I think you are and the new packaging is beautiful.
Thank you very much and we will be in touch for our 6 month photos.

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