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The B Family

Pam Beausoleil

Oh my Beth..this is wonderful. I am sitting here with tears in my did it girl.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Shelly Gercic

Beautiful pics BEAUSOLEIL you guys

Tammy Flores

Wow great job and a great family…. They are like family to most in Plainfield xoxoxo


Wow I didn’t think my family could get any better looking!!! Awesome job Beth!!! Love your creativity!!


Just awesome!!!!!

Diane cormier


This was awesome…what a great idea and wonderful way to show and share your love for your family. Best wishes to your son and to the rest of you in adjusting to the absence of I’m being around

Stephanie Malia

Incredible, you have captured the beauty of the family and heart warming moments. My favorite is Pam & Larry in the truck!! Beautiful job!

Joanne Davis

What a wonderful way to capture such special moments with a beautiful family! I think it touches everyone’s heart! Love this family so much!

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