Mine on Monday {4/5/10}

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend. We really enjoyed the weekend. The kids loved every minute of Easter. Emma was so into it this year. She made all kinds of projects and everything. It was really great, seeing the holiday through her eyes. Anyway, over the weekend we also took a cool family photo. Growing up, my mom was a big Norman Rockwell fan. We had his artwork all over the walls. So I had an idea sometime last week that it would be fun to recreate his “Sunday Morning” print using our family and a modern twist. Here’s what we came up with. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

The V Family

This afternoon I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful “V” family again. You probably remember them form their maternity and Miss. E’s newborn shots. I really enjoy doing repeat sessions for families. Especially during the first year of life, it just goes by so fast! I mean seriously, it seems like just last week I was shooting their maternity photos and now Miss. E is 4 months old! Can you believe it? I do encourage all my maternity and newborn clients to consider booking my first year plan. You can click here for more details. Anyway, it was so exciting to have my first outdoor session of 2010! Spring is finally here! So thanks guys for a great afternoon, enjoy your sneak peek.

Product Spotlight {Storyboards}

Happy Good Friday all! I am gearing up for the big weekend. Should be fun and looks like the weather is going to be amazing! But before the weekend officially begins I wanted to post another product spotlight. This week the spotlight is on storyboards.

Storyboards are one of my most popular custom designed items. They are printed on photo paper, mounted on styrene & coated with a protective lustre coating. They have several display options, you can frame them, put them on a shelf or in a easel. They come in several popular sizes: 11×14, 10×20, 16×20, 20×20 and my new size 5×10 or the “mini”. Be sure to see this and all of my other custom product samples at your next session.

What’s that Wednesday {aperture}

I have been getting lots of emails and questions lately from people who have just bought their first DSLR camera. (Digital single-lens reflex camera) So I thought it would be helpful to share some basic info here. And so begins the new series “What’s that Wednesday”.

Let’s get started. One of the first and most important things you need to learn about your camera is how to use it in “M” mode or manual. (If you leave your camera on “A” or automatic you might as well still be shooting with a point and shoot because you still won’t get the great results you are hoping for.) In order to do this you need to understand some basic things about exposure. Your camera has a built in light meter. This will help guide you in finding the proper exposure. You will need to change your aperture and shutter speed based on your light meter to achieve correct exposure. This week we are going to talk about aperture or f-stop and how it effects exposure.

Here’s the dictionary definition –
ap·er·ture [ap-er-cher]
1. an opening, as a hole, slit, crack, gap, etc.
2. Also called aperture stop. Optics. an opening, usually circular, that limits the quantity of light that can enter an optical instrument.

Confused yet? LOL! It’s much simpler than it seems. Grab your camera – go ahead, go get it….I’ll wait.
OK great, your back. Now turn it on and turn the dial to “M” mode.
You will notice one of the settings that you can change has numbers that look like this 2.0, 2.8, 3.2, 4.0, 5.6, 8 etc…… Those are your f-stops or apertures. Those numbers control the opening on your lens that allows the light into your camera. Now comes the tricky part, the smaller the number the more light that this allowed into your camera. So an f-8 would let much less light int then say an f-2. I know, it is just the opposite of what you would think. Right? The way I keep it straight in my head is this, the less light I have the smaller number I need. So less light small f-stop, lots of light large f-stop. Does that make sense?

Note: another thing aperture or f-stop effects is depth of field. But that is a whole other topic to be covered at a later date.

Here’s a picture I took several times with all the same settings just changed the aperture (f-stop). See the difference? Go ahead and give it a try!

Hope this post makes sense to you and helps you understand aperture better. Next week, we will talk about shutter speed and how that effects exposure.

Mine on Monday {3/29/10}

Monday is upon us once again and a rainy, dreary one at that. It’s definitely one of those morning you just don’t want to get out of bed! I figured I’d better post a pretty happy picture this morning to help counteract the dreary view from the window. So here’s a pic of my little guy just hanging out in the kitchen. You gotta love the whole arms behind his head. He’s such a dude and even does that when he sleeps. It totally cracks me up. Enjoy and hope you have a great day!

P.S. Stay tuned to the blog for a new series starting this week called “What’s that Wednesday?”. I will be talking about photography terms and how to take better pictures.

Product Spotlight {Custom Photo Boxes*}

TGIF! I love me some Fridays! I am looking forward to a fun weekend, including attending my cousin’s fabulous wedding! But before the weekend begins, it’s time for another product spotlight. This week I chose to feature an awesome, brand new product that I am offering – custom photo boxes*. These photo boxes are stunning! They are custom designed with image(s) from your session and hold 5×7 prints of all your proofs as well as the CD with all your digital negatives on them. (*Please note – these are only available with the purchase of the digital collection. They are not sold separately.) You really have to see these in person to appreciate just how amazing they really are. (Be sure to ask about them at your next session. I am now bringing all of my product samples with me to sessions.) They are perfect for people who don’t have loads of wall space but still want to show off all their pictures. Not to mention, they are sure to be a treasured keepsake for years to come. Here are a few pictures, take a peek!

P.S. Facebook peeps – be sure to check out the fan page for the fun new contest that’s currently running.

My new office space!

By now you are all probably pretty tired of me yapping about my new office space. I know, I know, but it is a big deal to me. I am so excited to finally have a space that is all my own! No more working in a dark corner in the master bedroom. This is a REAL office. With windows and lots of sunlight and it’s just so pretty with all my new girlie things. I had such a great time picking out curtains, my new desk, loads of decorative organization etc… It was fun. I am very happy with the way it all came together and I am sure it is going to make working much more enjoyable and even more efficient in the upcoming year. So without further ado here are some pics of my new office. Enjoy!

Mine on Monday {3/22/10}

Good Monday morning everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weekend. Wasn’t the weather amazing? Seriously, I could handle that weather all year long. We decided to take the kids out to the Thompson Dam on Saturday to soak up some sunshine and fresh air. It’s was so fun. The kids had a blast trying out Frisbee golf and even rolled their pants up and soaked their feet for a bit. It was really a nice afternoon. Here are a few pics I snapped using my crappy p&s camera. (I couldn’t fit my big camera in my backpack. Bummer!) I think it’s time to invest in a better p&s but that will have to be a whole other post. Have a great day!

Wanted: Senior Class Reps {Class 2011}

I was hoping today’s blog post was going to be images of my brand new office space. However, it is sadly, not complete. I am still waiting for my washer & dryer to be relocated into the basement. I have still made a good amount of progress though, the walls are painted, curtains hung, the prop closet & armoire are filled, portraits have been hung etc… Now it’s really just waiting on the machines so :fingers crossed: next week I should have loads of great images to share.

Instead, I thought I would post my 2011 Senior Rep program. You may remember this program from last year. Here’s the deal – I am looking for 1 or 2 students (class of 2011) from Woodstock Academy, Putnam High & Tourtelotte. Reps will receive a FREE mini session in April to create images for rep cards. Each rep will receive 50 business size rep cards with images from their mini session and contact info on them. Reps will also receive a FREE full 2 hour complete session to be booked in July or August. Reps will also receive a $25 print credit for each person they refer to me to have senior portraits done. So the more people you refer, the more credits you will get!

Reps should be fun, outgoing, friendly and enjoy having their picture taken. Reps will also be required to have a Facebook account to share images from their session and to spread the word about Beth Benoit Photography. If this sounds like you or someone you know please drop me an email beth@bethbenoit.com with your name, high school, email address, phone number, Facebook/myspace and why you think you’d make a great senior rep.

*Note: students under 18 will need parents consent to participate.

Mine on Monday {3/15/10}

It’s Monday again…seriously can you believe it?? Hope you all had a restful weekend. With all this lovely rain and wind there hasn’t been much else to do but rest. Good news though, I watched the weather this morning and he says the rest of the week and even the weekend look beautiful. So that’s definitely something to look forward to. Since it’s Monday, it’s time for another Mine on Monday. Today I thought it would be fun to mix it up a bit so I made a slide show with some images I shot last week. Enjoy and ave a great day!

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