Miss. E – West Hartford, CT Newborn Photographer

This morning I had the honor of being sweet Miss. E’s newborn photographer. This little doll was four weeks early but you’d never know it. We started her session doing sibling poses with her doting big brother. This sweet guy is going to make one excellent big brother! He is already so loving and caring with her. It was seriously heart warming to watch them together. And I can’t forget to mention just how well behaved he was the entire time I was there. 😉

Miss. E, took a little while to get to sleep but once she was she did great. She put up with all the headbands, wraps and blanket changes like a champ. She even gave me a few smiles. All in all I’d say it was pretty great session. Here is a tiny peek at our time together.

newborn photographer

The J Family – fall family photos

Yesterday afternoon I had he pleasure of meeting up with the J family a the park to do their fall family photos. We had been crossing our fingers all day about the weather. But a few hours before our session the sun came out and we were good to go. Well except for the crazy wind but otherwise it was a gorgeous afternoon. Lucky for me, these guys were troopers and didn’t mind the chilly weather. We made quick work of the session using all the available beautiful light and backdrops at our disposable. Of course it didn’t hurt that this family is beautiful, inside and out. I mean just take a look for yourself see. I think yo will agree.

fall family photos

Mr. C Turns ONE!

This morning I had a photo session with Mr. C to celebrate his big number one birthday. We started his session inside with some more formal portraits. Then we headed outside in between the rain drops for a few pictures on the front steps. We ended our session with the classic cake smash. Although these are normally messy, Mr. C was really not into the whole “smashing” part. He did however enjoy a few bites of the chocolate that was on top of the cake. Who knows, maybe he just didn’t want to mess up the adorable cake his mom had made him.

pancakes and pjs

Pancakes and Pjs

Take a peek at the newborn photo session I had this morning. There were pancakes and PJs and lots of snuggles…it was great! You see mom wanted to do some real photos, photos of real life with a newborn and a toddler. I have to say it was so nice to do this lifestyle type newborn session.

We started our session with this sweet family making some pancakes in their PJs. And then headed to the bedroom for some snuggling on mom and dad’s bed. And then I took sweet Miss. A for some posed photos. Honestly it was such a fun session, I hope to do more sessions just like it in the future.

If you are expecting and are interested in doing a more lifestyle type session, get in touch with me. I’d love to help you plan your session.

pancakes and pjs

One big family

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting one big family at the park for some family photos. It was freezing, okay not freezing but pretty darn cold. LOL! These guys were such troopers braving the weather though. Even the littlest family members were happy campers through the whole thing. I was so impressed.

Despite the chilly temperatures we did have some pretty beautiful light to work with. And we even managed to find a spot with a bit of fall color left on the trees. Here is just a little sneak peek of our time together yesterday. Thank you all for coming!

one big family

Newborn Twin Boys – 14 days

Today I had the pleasure of photographing the most adorable newborn twin boys. At 14 days old, these sweet guys are already so full of personality. I was seriously cracking up at their sweet expressions, which, were perfectly timed with mom and I’s conversation. Honestly, if I didn’t know better, I’d swear they knew just what we were talking about. LOL!

As you know, I have a soft spot for twins, being a twin mama myself. These guys were such little cuddle bugs and reminded me of just how fast time flies! It’s so hard to believe mine are ten already. I just know their mom will love to look back on these photos and remember just how tiny they really were.

newborn twin boys

Adorable Newborn Baby Girl

This morning, I had a photo session with an adorable newborn baby girl. I was so excited to meet Miss E, as she is the newest addition to one of my favorite families. I have had the pleasure of photographing this sweet family since big sister was born a little over three years ago. Speaking of big sis, Miss A is quite smitten with her new baby sister.
Miss E did so great for her photo session. She was sleeping the whole time, only breaking for a quick feeding with Mom. She was so cute to photograph, and I even got a photo with her blowing tiny milk bubbles.

adorable newborn baby girl

Three Little Cuties

This morning, I had such a fun portrait session with three little cuties. This session in particular was for their Nana, as she was eagerly waiting for updated photos of her adorable grand kids. The three kids kept me on my toes, but nonetheless, I got some great pictures. There may have been a bribe that included gumballs. I’m always up for a good bribe, whether it’s candy, gumballs, or one of their other favorite snacks. Honestly, whatever is going to do the trick.
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three little cuties

Chin Dimple

This morning, I had a newborn photo session with Mr. G. This seven day old sweetheart was born two weeks early, but you would never know it. He had just about the cutest chin dimple I’ve ever seen and I just fell in love with him. He was peacefully sleeping the entire time I was taking the pictures, and I secretly think that he was enjoying the photo session. Who knows, he might even have a future in modeling. I have to say, he was so cute that I wish I could keep him all for myself. Take a peek below and see all the cuteness for yourself.

chin dimple

Six Month Old Sweetheart

This morning I had the pleasure of photographing this six month old sweetheart. Miss. N was so much fun. We started her session with some classic baby portraits. Then we moved on to a milk bath.

She was such a riot in the tub. When we first put her in, she started sucking her thumb, and it looked like she was going to fall asleep. But after she settled in she realized just how much fun this was going to be. This includes splashing, giggling, and of course trying to eat the flowers. I ended up capturing some adorable footage of her throughout the session, but the most adorable part was when she was in the tub blowing raspberries, splashing, and sucking her thumb.

fall family portraits

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