Mr C – Marlborough, CT Newborn Photographer

This morning I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the adorable Mr C. At 13 days old, this little guy has to be one of the sleepiest babies I have ever photographed. When I arrived he had just fed and was awake but once I swaddled him and started posing him, he zonked out. So much so, that I never actually saw his eyes, seriously, not once!

This little guy was an absolute delight to photograph. He happily put up with all my wrap, hat and prop changes and even stayed a sleep for his photos with his parents at the end of our session. Perhaps he has a future in modeling. 😉

Anyway, take a peek at just a few of the sweet shots I got of him today. I think you will agree he is a sweetheart.

Mr C

Sweet Miss. G (5 weeks old)

This morning I had the distinct pleasure of meeting sweet Miss. G. She is baby number four this family and I have had the pleasure of documenting all 3 of her siblings newborn sessions as well. I know I say it all the time but it is such an honor to be called back by a family time and time again. I feel truly blessed to be part of these special moments.

Today Miss. G was such a doll for her session. We started with family and sibling poses and then I snuck up stairs to snuggle just her. I get asked a lot about photographing “older” newborns. Which I know sounds like a contradiction in terms. But most newborn photo sessions are done during babies first two weeks of life. So at 5 weeks she is considered an older newborn. But honestly, she did just as well as brand new newborn, if that makes sense. Plus, becasue she was a bit older I was able to get some great awake shots of her with excellent eye contact.

If you missed the traditional “newborn” window but your baby is still under the 3 month mark, give me a call. I’d love to chat with you about getting you those newborn images you will treasure for years to come. It’s not too late!

Strawberry Sweetheart Photo Session

This morning I met up with the adorable Miss. N, or the strawberry sweetheart as I have been calling her. Originally, our plan for this session was to head to a local pick your own strawberry farm but unfortunately their picking season was finished before our session. So then it was on to plan B.

Instead, I hit up the grocery store. I bought a boat load of strawberries and we did her session in the yard. We used baskets and strawberry containers just like they would have had at the farm. Truthfully, I think the session went better than it likely would have at the farm.

The strawberry sweetheart, a.k.a. Miss. N had free reign to devour as many berries as she liked plus we were able to have a few different shooting areas. We started with the super cute blanket setup, then did some standing and walking ones with mom and dad and even got a chance to play on the tree swing.

Take a look at the sneak peek and I think that you will agree, it was amazing. Oh and seriously, does anyone else think she looks like strawberry shortcake? Or is it just me. LOL!

strawberry sweetheart

Mr. M – Sweet Newborn Baby Boy

This morning I had the pleasure of hanging our with Mr. M. What a sweetheart this guy he is. At just a few days over the two week mark he is already so full of personality. He had all of us cracking up. M has to be one of the most ticklish babies I’ve ever photographed. Every time I touched his feet he stirred or woke. It was so funny.

His session was great even though the heat today was a bit much for all of us. But once he zonked out, he was out and posed like a trooper for me. He didn’t even wake when I put him in several different props. I couldn’t have asked for him to do any better.

Here is a small sneak peek from our time together. I think you will agree he is precious. Oh and check it out, he actually waved during the family photos. How funny is that?

Third Birthday Portraits – Killingly,CT

This morning I had so much fun meeting up with adorable Mr. P and his mom for his third birthday portraits. I have had the pleasure of photographing this little guys since he was a baby. And I swear he gets cuter every year!

I am a total sucker for his gorgeous eyes and crazy curly hair, mix in his sweet disposition and you’ve got the makings of a little heartbreaker. Watch out ladies, he will be breaking hearts everywhere.

We started his session doing some baseball shots and then headed down by the water to splash, play and just cool off. Here is a little sneak peek from our time together.

third birthday portraits


Our week unplugged – New Harbor, ME

We’re home from our week unplugged. Last week we had an amazing trip to New Harbor, ME. We spent the whole week unplugged….yes really! We had no WIFI, no cable not even a TV. Cell service was almost nonexistent as well. We were truly, off the grid. I have to say, going into this trip I was almost nervous, wondering how the kids would do without their electronics for the week. But to my surprise they did great. Serioulsy, I’m not even kidding.

The beginning of the week was almost bliss like. The kids were out exploring the new surroundings, soaking up all the nature. I was literally calling them in at sunset. Ofcourse, it was also nice that there was a family staying in the cabin next door with children close in age. So the kids all quickly made friends. We also read books, did a bit of sightseeing and even a little shopping in the little town over. Thursday it rained….like monsoon style rain. So we decided to surprise the kids with a trip to the movies. We took them to see Jurassic World. Alright, so I guess we weren’t totally unplugged, but honestly there really wasn’t much else to do on that kind of a day plus it was a nice break for the kids too.

The end of the week was gorgeous and we again all spent our last days outside soaking up the sun and enjoying the amazing surroundings. Honestly, when it was time to go, we were all sad to leave, because it was one of the best vacations we have ever had as a family. We spent real quality time together and really relaxed and reconnected. For that reason, we are already booking and planning our return trip next year.

Without further ado, here is just a tiny peek and some of the beautiful suroundings we had the pleasure of enjoying. And if you have been thinking of booking an unplugged vacation for your family, I say DO IT!!! You won’t regret it. The memories we made during our week unplugged were priceless and ones I know we will hold on to fondly for years to come.

our week unplugged


Welcome Hannah

My name is Hannah Mainhart and I am currently doing an internship with Beth.
I am going to be a senior at Lesley University: School of Art and Design. Photography and other forms of art, have a huge impact on my life. With that in mind, I have decided to major in photography and minor in art therapy and psychology. My goal in the future is to pursue art therapy with photography being the creative outlet for the therapy. Right now my goals are to advocate for those who are unable to do so for themselves.

I will be attending many photoshoots with Beth, so I can gain the skills I need to become a better photographer. I look forward to meeting and working with everyone this summer. Feel free to take a peek at some of my work here.
Thank you!!!


This is Eleven (Mine on Monday)

Last week, I took Allie out to do her this is eleven photo shoot. It’s crazy to think she is eleven already. Some days it feels like I just had her. Life is so busy now and honestly, I have not been photographing our kids nearly enough. I think this is for two reasons, the first being, the kids really don’t like me to photograph them anymore. And whenever I ask, I am almost always met with resistance. And the second reason is, I feel like there just isn’t enough time. Which I realize is all the more reason I should photograph them more.

You see this stage of our is so busy. The days all seem to melt for one to the next. Gone are all the big milestones from the early child stages of life. I mean after all, she and her brother are tweens now. Just as the word tween describes their age it also feels like an appropriate description of our life right now. We are always between things. Whether it’s school, sports or social events, most days our calendar is full.

But this age isn’t all bad. Allie is enjoying cooking, which most nights includes making dinner for us. She has also just taken up archery. Having received a cool bow and arrow set as a gift for her birthday. It’s fun to watch her practice in the yard. And as fifth grade is coming to a close, her grades have been terrific and we couldn’t be prouder of her. So for now, we will sit back and try to enjoy her, in her, this is eleven, phase of life.

this is eleven

Mr. E (Newborn Photography)

Today I had the pleasure of meeting sweet Mr. E. This adorable little guy is the second baby for one of my favorite families. If you’ve been following the blog at all, you will very likely recognize his big sister, Miss. E. I’ve had the honor of photographing her since she was just a few days old as well.

Mr. E was such a sweetheart for his session today. He slept the entre time I was there. Seriously, I didn’t even see his eyes until I was packing up and leaving and even then I only caught a quick glimpse as he dosed right back off. This little guy put up with all the poses, wraps and props I put him in without so much as a flinch. I’d say he for sure has a future in modeling, just like his big sis. 😉

Have a look at a tiny peek from our time together.

mr. e

Family Photos at the Lake

Last night I had so much fun meeting up with one of my favorite families for their family photos at the lake. The lake house was the inspiration for their very first photos with me almost ten years ago. Can you believe that? These sisters had photos done of the four of them for their parents for Christmas.

So we met up on a chilly November evening and did photos of them on then dock at the lake house. Since then I have the had pleasure of photographing them all several times over the years. So this year mom asked the whole crew to get together for some photos of them all at the lake.

We had a gorgeous night and had so much fun hanging out and grabbing these photos. Thank you guys for trusting me to capture all these memories for you for all these years. It means more than I can say. Here is a little sneak peek of our time together.
family photos at the lake

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