Baby G – 12 days old

This morning I had the absolute pleasure of meeting sweet Miss. G. She is the baby sister to one of favorite little guys and now big brother, Sam. I am sure you recognize him as I have had the pleasure of photographing that sweet guy since he was a tiny newborn like her.

Sweet Miss. G is such a cutie pie. After a few feeds with mom and a good swaddle she was fast a sleep and slept for most of her session. I even managed to get a little smile from her and everything. Here is just a tiny peek form our session today.

Miss. E – 7 days old

This morning I had such a great session with the seriously adorable Miss. E. This sweet baby girl is seven days old and so full of personality already. And did I mention gorgeous? I mean I was just smitten with her. 😉 From her lovely long lashes to her beautiful full lips this sweet girl looks like an actual baby doll. I must have said she was beautiful about a thousand times during her session. Pretty sure her mom thought I was nuts. LOL! Take a look at her sneak peek below and I think you will agree. 🙂

The N Family

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing the N family at their lovely home. As you know, it was crazy chilly yesterday but these guys were troopers and we made it work. You see with five kids busy schedules, rescheduling just wasn’t an option for them.

So we started their session with group shots and then ran the littles in the house to warm up while I photographed the bigger kids. And we continued the back and fourth until we were able to get photos of everyone. In the end I was able to get some very sweet shots of this wonderful family. Thank you guys for braving the weather. Here is a little sneak peek of our time together.

In the Woods

This morning I had such a fun session with the L family. Today’s session was extra special because of the location they chose. You see, these guys are getting ready to build a new home and have recently just purchased their land. So when mom suggested using it for the photo session I was thrilled!

I just love the idea of choosing a location with meaning and what could be more meaningful than this. Not mention how fun it will be in the future to look back on these photos to see what the property looked like before. Here is a little sneak peek of our time in the woods. 😉

in the woods

Mr. W – 9 Days Old

This sweet baby boy was an absolute delight to photograph today. At just 9 days old he is already so full of personality. He was smiling and posing thru his whole session. It was pretty stinking cute! And speaking of cute, his big sister is just as cute as he is. Not to mention, she is doing quite the great job with her new responsibility as big sister. Here is just a tiny peek from our time together.

The G Family

This morning I had so much fun hanging out with the whole G family. We did a big combo session because they were celebrating so many milestones. Mr. E was celebrating his big 6 month mark, Miss. E was celebrating turning two, plus they also welcomed a new baby girl into their extended family. So I did a few newborn photos of her and then we ended with groups shots of the entire extended family. It was such a fun day.

Here is just a very tiny peek at our time together!

Fall Family Photos at the Park

Last night I had such a fun session with the S family at the park. These guys were troopers and braved the chilly temps without any trouble. You see we have been planning this session and rescheduling this session for over a month now. I think we must have rescheduled at least four different dates. It was crazy, it seemed like fate was just not on their side. So you can imagine when yesterday came along and with sunshine we were all in despite the chilly temps!

Even though it was chilly we still had so much fun! There was rock climbing, leaf throwing, tickle fights, jumping matches and snuggling. Everything you’d hope for a great family session. Here is just a tiny sneak peek of our time together.

Rub a dub dub

This morning I had so much fun hanging out with Mr. G and his parents at their home. We started our session outside between rain drops and then headed inside. We played in his nursery and then ended with a super fun bubble bath!

Mr. G had a blast splashing and playing in the tub. So much fun in fact, that the pup didn’t want to be left out. It was pretty adorable. Here is just a tiny peek at our time together.

Family Fun at the Park

This morning I had so much fun hanging out with this sweet family at the park. We have been planning this session for quite awhile now, so when we woke up to super gray, dark skies, I panicked. I called them and suggested we move to another time. But they wanted to go for it and stick it out. And man, I am so glad they did, because in true New England fashion the weather changed. Within 15 minutes of starting tour session the sun came out and the skies cleared. If I hadn’t seen it myself I wouldn’t have believed it. Thank you guys so much for sticking too the plan. Here is just a tiny sneak peek of our time together. 😉

family fun at the park

Will – Class of 2019

Yesterday afternoon I had the chance to meet up with Will to do his senior portraits. Usually boys aren’t too interested in photos and quite frankly most of them dread it. But not Will, he was a natural in front of the camera. I was even joking with him that he should be a model. So Tommmy Hilfiger if you’re listening, Will’s ready for a job. LOL!

We started his session by the water but then a crazy rain shower came out of nowhere, so we hid inside while it passed. We headed over to the basketball court for a few and ended with some in the woods. It was so fun. Here is just a tiny peek at our time together.

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