About Me

I started my family photography business eight years ago, shortly after my two youngest Family photographychildren were born. Watching my kids grow and change so fast it was a whirlwind. I did my best to photograph them achieving all their big milestones and I thought I was doing a great thing for them.  I even did lots of posed fancy sessions with them, the pictures were beautiful and I lined my walls with them.

Then recently, I stumbled across an old photo album from my own child hood. I found myself being drawn to the pictures. Sure the pictures of just me were cute, I was a cute kid. What can I say, I rocked those spider man undies! But what I really loved looking at were the pictures of me with my family.  The look on my Gram and Dad’s face in this picture are priceless. It just makes me happy to look at this picture.

It was then that I realized most of us, meaning today’s parents, myself included, were missing the mark for our kids. We all have cell phone cameras or maybe even a big fancy DSLR camera, and they are great for capturing nice pictures of our kids. But that is not telling the whole story.

Our kids are going to want to see us in their pictures. They will want to see how much they made us laugh and smile. Often times, especially us moms, are guilty of not wanting to be in the picture, for any number of reasons and we always promise the next time we will do it.

At my sessions, I try to encourage, alright alright I admit, I practically beg parents to get in the pictures. Because I believe, creating pictures that tell the whole story, is something we can and should do for our kids. They won’t care what your weight was or how your hair looked, trust me. All they will see, is you and the love you have for them. My goal for all my family photography sessions is to photograph families and capture the whole story for you. Leaving your kids with some amazing pictures of their
whole story to look back on and enjoy.

Let me tell your story, contact me today to schedule your session.

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