10 years for Beth Benoit Photography


Congratulations!!! Did all 4 entries

Christine Kipp

Awesome work Beth! I shared on Facebook and am still trying to share on Instagram! Love getting your newsletter! Congratulations on 10 years!!!

Carolyn M

Congratulations Beth! I did all but the instagram( because I don’t have it). Thank you again for the beautiful newborn pictures! Everyone loved them.

Cynthia Donnelly

Congrats on 10 years!! All 4 done. Thanks for the opportunity.

Myra Hagstrom

Congrats on 10 years Beth!! I did them all!

Kelly St. Onge

Shared on Facebook! Already get your newsletter and can’t figure out Instagram share but if I can figure it out I sure will! Love that my family has been part of these 10 years <3


Kelly, if you use the Repost app you should be able to share on Instagram. Thanks for entering. 😉

JoAnne Lambert

Congratulations on 10 years! Thanks for giving us beautiful memories of our family!

I did all 4 ❤️

Candice Syriac

We are so thankful for all your wonderful work! Shared on FB and signed up for the newsletter. I just don’t have an Instagram.

Katie Kinsella

Congrats!! I did the steps I hadn’t already done!!


Ahh congratulations Beth!!! Best photographer ever! I am so amazed by every special moment you have caught and still cry at times when I see pictures from our first session with you. #customersforlife

Amanda L

Grateful for your beautiful work and all you do!! Shared to both. Congratulations on 10 years!

Nikki Conroy


I don’t know which I like more, 🙂 but congratulations either way. 😀

I have completed all four entries for this!!

HUGE milestone! I hope you are taking some time to celebrate. <3 <3


Really happy for you Beth! What an accomplishment!! I shared on fb & already subscribed to the newsletter. I need to download that other app to post on IG but I will soon!

Darcy Palmer

Congratulations on 10 years Beth!!!

*i did all 4

Danielle Preston

I repost on Instagram and Facebook!! I am already a faithful follower signed up for the newsletter and follow your business page and Instagram ❤️ Congratulations!!!

jennifer Lehto
Jai izzarelli

Congrats! Such a talented lady!!! Shared for you, hope you continue to have a wonderful career

Mel yargeau
Mel yargeau

Congrats! I already follow you and get your letter and im so excited for you!


Congrats on 10 years, thats a great accomplishment! I am not a social media user but I did sign up to receive your newsletter! Thanks!


Hi Beth! Did all but Instagram, (don’t have an account) thank you for the opportunity and congrats on a successful 10 years xoxo!

Stephanie moore

Did all but Instagram!


Congratulations! I did all but Instagram!

Kelley B.

Happy anniversary! I posted on FB and Instagram, and I already get the newsletter. This makes all four entries!

Jennifer Senecal

Happy 10th Anniversary!!

I did all 4!

Krickett Reynolds

Congratulations on 10 years! Did all

Kimberly Tetreault

You have done absolutely beautiful picture for my friends! Love the memories you create!!!!


Congrats Beth!! Did all 4

Casey Madore

Congratulations on 10 years! You are the best! I completed all entries!

Elizabeth LeBlanc

Congratulations on 10 years! What a wonderful accomplishment 🙂 I completed all steps!

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