Product Spotlight {photo pendants & key rings}

Happy Friday all! Hope you all had a great week. Things have been super busy here – so I apologize the blog has been slow this week. I am currently working on transforming our laundry room into my very own office. I will no longer  be working from a tiny dark corner in our master bedroom. Woohoo! While this sounds like a strange but easy feat. Let me assure you it has not been easy. There has been tons of cleaning (this room also used to serve as my craft room – you should have seen all that was in my tiny closet. YIKES!!) and then there was of course painting – YUCK!!, and  the matter of relocating the washer & dryer to the basement. It wasn’t all bad though, I got to choose some great prints to hang on the walls along with some gorgeous super girlie curtains and really cool organizational stuff etc…  I appreciate you all baring with me. I am hoping to settle in to my new space this weekend and share pics on the blog next week. So stay tuned.

Now, onto today’s product spotlight – custom photo pendants & key rings featuring images from your session. These unique and gorgeous pieces are made by Kristin from Bitty Clippies. Click the banner below to check out her entire site on etsy.

These custom photo pendants and key rings will be available in a few sizes, 1″, 1.25″ and 1.5″ in both sterling silver and copper. These will be made custom for you with your favorite image from your session in either color or B&W. You will have your choice of size, medium (i.e. copper or sterling) and optional personalization on the back. (Chains can be purchased separately from Kristin’s etsy site. See banner below.)  The possibilities are endless! And with prices starting as low at $30, these will make a wonderful keepsake from your session as well as great gifts! Check out some of the samples below.

Mine on Monday {3/8/10}

Happy beautiful Monday morning to you all! What a gorgeous couple of days we are having. I am so loving this weather!  It’s getting me excited to start outdoor sessions! Oh and speaking of that, April is now full. I am currently booking May & June.  When you are choosing your session date, please keep in mind that I book 4-6 weeks out for my appointments. (With the exception being during peak season in the fall, when I book 6-8 weeks out.) And Monday wouldn’t be Monday without pics of my kiddos. I took the girls out early yesterday morning for a few pics in the yummy sunshine! Here are two of my faves. Enjoy and have a great day!

*Mr. P* turns one!

This morning I had a fun mini session with the “L” family to celebrate Mr. P’s first birthday! They are such a sweet family, I always enjoy spending time with them. It’s only been a few months since I saw them last but Mr. P has grown so much! Last time I saw him he still had that baby look about him. Not anymore, now he looks just like his big brother “B” not to mention he’s walking all over the place. Thanks guys for another wonderful session. Hope the party was a blast! Enjoy your sneak peek!

The adorable Mr. P! I love this little smirk!

All three boys. (See “P” looks just like his big brother “B”!)

Product Spotlight {Albums}

One of the great things about having a custom portrait session is getting cool custom products with your images. I am currently working on a product selection guide to help you choose the products that best suit your needs. I also thought it would be a help to blog these products too. So every Friday this month I will do a different “Product Spotlight” highlighting all the details and of course images of each product.

This week’s Product Spotlight is on Albums. I currently offer two styles of albums the 8″x8″ and the 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ mini accordion sets.
Let’ start with the 8×8’s. These albums are custom designed and printed on high quality professional photo paper, mounted then bound in a book. The album’s lay flat style, allows for a single image to stretch across two pages without a gutter making a striking presentation. Plus they have custom photo covers and spines. These are a great choice when you love all the images from your session but don’t have much wall space for displaying large galleries.

And let’s not forget about the adorable set of three mini’s. You can choose up to 10 of your favorite images to feature in these sweet dark brown fabric covered albums. They are a great way to show off your favorite images from your session! Keep one for yourself and then gift the other two to family or friends. Plus, they are perfectly sized to tuck right in your purse, so you will always have pictures of your family handy!

P.S. I will now be bringing all of my product samples with me to each session. So, if I forget to show them to you, please be sure to ask. You must see these stunning products in person!

Rocking with Jody

Yesterday I had a fun mini session with Jody. He’s auditioning as a singer in a band and was looking for some head shots to show the band. So we headed out to a cool location and got some great shots! (And for once, the cops did NOT show up! LOL!) Thanks Jody for a fun morning. Enjoy your sneak peek!

Mine on Monday {3/1/10}

Happy Monday evening to you all. Sorry I am a little late with this post. It’s been busy around here. This past weekend, Scott and I spent “trying” to organize our girls’ room. You see, our girls (like most girls) have WAY TOO MANY clothes! I mean like way too many! It’s pretty embarrassing actually. They are constantly trying on outfits only to toss them on the floor and move on to the next. And while I appreciate their need to look fashionable I also can’t stand the mess they make. So Scott had this great idea, to create these metal brackets and allow them to hang their clothes. That way they could see everything they have to choose from and hopefully avoid the large clothing piles everywhere. So that was our mission…to install the brackets and hang the clothes. Man it was a HUGE task . . .we are talking 150 hangers worth of clothes and that doesn’t include their skirts. Only dresses, pants and tops. (I know, shame on me for letting them have so much!) But anyway, after spending almost the entire day Saturday working, we finally got it all hung and it looks GREAT! The girls are seriously loving it and so am I. We’ll see how it all plays out but for now, it’s so far so good. Here’s a little peek at them showing off their new clothing racks! Have a great night!

P.S. There are actually three of those brackets. You just can’t see the first one in these shots.

March Mini Madness

Well, here we are, only a few short days away from the start of March. I know, I can’t believe it either! Anyway, I thought it would be fun to run a crazy special deal on mini sessions in March.  Hence the name, March Mini Madness. So here’s the deal, I am opening 4 spots (yes you read that right, only 4, so hurry, they’ll fill fast!) of 1/2 hour mini sessions. But, these sessions will be different then past mini’s, because I won’t be doing them all in one day, you will have your choice of date and location. I know, woo-hoo…right? So basically, it will be just like a normal session except only 1/2 hour long and you’ll get 10 edited proofs instead of 20. The cost will be $150 which includes your session fee and 20 – 5×7 prints. (Basically all your proofs, in both color and b&w) And there will be no minimum order requirements. So seriously, this will be the best deal of the year, don’t pass this up, book yours today!

The fine print, these sessions must take place in March. They may not be used for newborn sessions or groups larger than 4 people. Your session location must be 30 minutes or less from Thompson, CT.

Head-shots with Steph

Yesterday I had a fun mini session with my friend Steph to create some fun head-shots. Steph is preparing to open her new business and she wanted some fun shots to use in her promo pieces. (More info about her cool new business coming soon.) So, I dragged her outside in the freezing cold wind & snow but she was a total trooper. (No pun intended, Steph! LOL!) Thanks for a fun afternoon, here’s a sneak peek for now. I’ll be in touch with the rest soon. Enjoy!

Referral Rewards

I love referrals!

My business has been built strictly on word of mouth. I haven’t advertised and honestly prefer not to. My clients are truly my best advertisement. That being said, I’d like to thank you for helping me grow my business. Every time you refer a friend you will receive a $50 gift certificate*. (Gift certificate will be awarded upon completion of referred session.) And there is no limit to this offer, so please refer away!

*Gift certificates will be valid for one year from date of issue. Not valid on session  fees – may only be used to purchase prints and/or products.