Baby Girl (Milford, CT Newborn Photography)

Today I had the pleasure of photographing the sweetest baby girl. She is baby number three for this adorable family and is also their third girl. But no worries, all three girls couldn’t be any more darling. Miss. R’s big sisters were so polite and helpful throughout our whole session. I thanked and complimented them repeatedly. These parents sure are doing something right!

The baby was asleep when I arrived so we started our time together with shots of her and her big sisters and then the whole family. I have to say I am in love with the sibling shots. You can just feel these girls love for one another. Such an amazing bond they share. After our family shots, she dozed back off and I got some beautiful shots of just her as well.

The whole photo session couldn’t have gone any better. Thank you guys for having me today. It was an absolute pleasure.

baby girl

Miss. H (class of 2018)

Yesterday, I had such a fun session with Miss. H and her parents. I can hardly believe she is going to be a senior. It’s crazy how fast the time flies. We were talking about how old she was when I first had the pleasure of photographing her. After a little discussion, we decided she must have been around 10 and now she is 16. How did that happen?

I know I say it all the time, but really the best part of my job is having the honor of watching families grow. It is just so heart warming and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Thank you guys for trusting me with your precious memories for all these years.

Lavender Fields (Killingworth, CT)

Last week my website was acting up and I wasn’t able to share the beautiful session I had in the lavender fields at Lavender Pond Farm. I met up with one of my most favorite families to capture this special time in their lives. Their daughter, was just about to celebrate her third birthday and they are expecting their second baby girl this fall. So it was a duel purpose session.

Little Miss. A loved the chickens on the property and had a blast running around looking to see if she could find more. She loved meandering through the lavender fields. Then we headed over to the lovely pond to look for frogs. We didn’t find any but we sure had fun looking.

lavender fields

What about location?

One question I frequently get from my clients when preparing for their session is what about location? I would say this is only second to what should we wear. Today I wanted to talk a bit about location and dispel some myths as well.

Myth #1 – You need a gorgeous location to make amazing photos. Guys this is just not true. While a pretty location helps, it isn’t really necessary. As long as I have some good light to work with I can make almost any location not just work but look amazing too. How is that possible? Well, there are lots of factors that make it happen. Such as lens choice, lighting, and interaction with my subject. This is really where hiring an experienced professional makes all the difference.

For example, take a look at this image. I had my client grab this photo with her cell phone. This is the area where I shot the image of the little guy on the wooden box.

what about location

Myth #2- My backyard won’t be a good location for photos. This couldn’t be more wrong. Your backyard is almost always a perfect location for a few reasons. The first being you and your children will be much more relaxed and at ease in your own yard. The second being you will have access to extra clothes, water or any other items we might need during your session. The last being you don’t have to worry about putting your kids in the car and traveling with them. You can simply walk out your back door and I will come to you.

Have a look at this backyard, there were toys, swing sets etc… and you would never know it by the images I shot there.

what about location

So what about location makes it work and what should you look for when choosing yours. Really just a few things:

1. Be true to you. Choose a location that has meaning to your family, some place you visit often. (i.e. a favorite park or your backyard, both would work great.)

2. Do your research. Keep in mind that we can not shoot on private property without the land owner’s consent. This is for all locations. (i.e. farms, gardens etc…) Most public places have protocol in place for photo sessions and some even require a permit and or fee.

3. Tell your story. Think about what type of message you’d like your photos to tell and consider that when choosing your location. For example, if your family loves to go on nature walks and hike, an outdoor location on your favorite trail would be perfect. Whereas, a session at the beach probably wouldn’t be the best place to tell your family’s story.

Have more questions about the perfect location for your photo session? Contact me today so we can discuss it.

Silly Siblings – Clinton, CT

Over the weekend I had a super fun photo session with these two silly siblings. They had me in stitches the whole time were shooting. We were playing and laughing the whole time. There may have been several discussions about bums!  LOL!

Sometimes you just have to be silly and go with flow. This session was a perfect example. I just adore all the genuine smiles and laughter I was able to capture. These images will certainly be cherished now and for years to come. And really that is the ultimate goal.

Are you looking to get some new images of your child? Would you like to capture his or her genuine expressions? Contact me today and we can get a photo session planned for your child.

silly siblings

Third year portraits

Yesterday I had fun meeting up with sweet Miss. K for her third year portraits. We met up at a her favorite local park. The photo session began with traditional photos but then we headed to the play area for some fun.

It was super hot but she was a trooper and seemed to love every minute of it. Having your child’s photo session at a local park is a great way to engage them. Being at the park allows them to truly be themselves. Furthermore, scheduling a photo session at a park, is a great option if you are concerned your child just won’t be into having his/her portraits done. Contact me to discuss using their favorite park as the location and for more details.

third year portraits

Farmer boy – second birthday portraits

This morning I had so much fun hanging out with this sweet farmer boy. I have had the pleasure of photographing this cutie since he was few months old. It is always so fun to watch my little clients grown and change.

Today we hung out in his backyard and played on this fun antique tractor mom found. He loved it. We are also able to grab a photos of him with his big brothers. As you can see the big boys enjoyed the tractor too. Just goes to show, you’re never too old. LOL!

Stay tuned next week, I plan to show you a behind the scenes look at this fun session.

farmer boy

Baby girl M (Pomfret, CT Newborn Photographer)

This morning I had the pleasure of photographing sweet baby girl M’s newborn photos. At 17 days old, she already is so full of personality. I was cracking up over her funny expressions and hand movements. She was able to bust her hands out of all the swaddles quickly and easily. Nothing was holding her back from doing as she wished with them.

Even with her hands free, she did a great job posing for all her photos. You can see in one of the sneak peek pictures below she actually had her hand resting on her knee. It was seriously adorable. At the end of our session she woke up, happy as a clam and I was also able to get some very sweet awake shots too. All in all, I’d say it was a pretty great session.

baby girl m

Outdoor First Birthday Session

Yesterday I had such a fun outdoor first birthday photo session with Miss. K. If you follow the blog I am sure you will recognize this sweetheart. I just had the pleasure of photographing the whole family at the beach a few weeks ago. However, mom didn’t want to leave her big first birthday milestone undocumented.

So we headed outside for a mini first birthday session. The weather looked fine at first but after we got started the skies opened up and poured on us. Being that it was so hot and muggy none of us mined all that much. We got a bit wet but the showers passed and we kept going.

Miss. K didn’t seem to mind the rain much either. But she wasn’t all that interested in her cake. It was quite funny actually. She really just loved the fresh berries we used to decorate the top. Never fear though, her older siblings had no trouble “helping” to finish her cake. LOL! Here is a peek at our time together, rain drops and all!

outdoor first birthday

Family Session at the Beach

Last night I had the most amazing family session at the beach. We started our session at the park part of the beach. This allowed us to get some stunning shots in the gardens using the warm evening sun.

After the sun went down a bit we headed out to the beach and had so much fun. There was a gorgeous piece of driftwood which the girls had a blast using as a tight rope. Even the sweet dog got in a few poses on it. The rocks also served as a lovely spot to pose and relax by the water. There may have been some wet bums from the overspray, but we all agreed it was worth it. LOL!

All in all, we couldn’t have asked for a better night for a family beach session. Take a peek at our time together. I seriously have loads of stunning pictures. Here is just a few for now. Stay tuned later this week because I will be sharing more on FB and Instagram. Because honestly, they are too pretty not too. 😉

P.S. If you are thinking you’d like to schedule a family session at the beach, it’s not too late. Contact me to day for available dates.

family session at the beach